Grand Alpino Spruce Tree


Tree Size : The tree has 3 sizes Sizes : 6 Ft , 7 Ft , 8 Ft



Categories : Christmas Tree Christmas Tree


  • The artificial alpine fir tree has no additional decorations. It's greatest value is its natural appearance.
  • The tree looks great in any style, from a minimalistic.The shady branches of the alpine fir give an infinity of possible designs. The tree can look great with a lush and festive decoration on its long twigs .
  • The appearance and arrangement of the branches completely depend on the owner of the tree. The twigs can be folded and folded numerous times without the risk of damage. Their quality is checked right from the start of production.
  • The Grand Alpine Spruce artificial Christmas tree is equipped with a wooden support that ensures stability to the tree. The pedestal is foldable and easy to assemble.
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