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Mr. Santa Co., Ltd. was established since 1992; producing and exporting Christmas ornaments of premium quality and unique design at a reasonable price for customer satisfaction. Our main factory with office and showroom is sited in Bangkok with the total area of 12,000 square meters equipped production plant to ensure an efficient manufacturing solution. On top of our extensive Christmas ornaments, we also offer festive home decoration range; including table decorations, candle holder, door and wall hangings


With 31 years of experience, we've grown to become one of the leading Christmas-Decorative manufacturers in Thailand. Our commitment is to offer high quality product with distinctive design, on-time delivery and competitive price. We have been successfully working with buyers from the U.S., Europe, the Central and South America, Middle East and throughout Asia. From the proven records and reputation, we are very confident that our product and service can effectively serve our customers with the best solution.

Besides the international trade, we've also worked with the local market for several years. From Christmas ornaments, we extend our product lines into ribbons and bows, fabric works including eushion, curtain, dinner set and even plush toy in order to serve other seasonal occasions. In fact, we have been trusted by local leading department stores for retailing the products during Christmas and New Year Eve while many hotels and prominent buildings ask for our decoration services. Additionally, we exclusively produce bows for supermarkets' gift baskets, made-tororder display charms for chain stores. and premiums for enterprise.

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